The 3 Sessions - Program

Session 1 - The Competitor

Achieving a winners´ mindset

How do you define success and what does it mean to live with a winners´ mindset?

Revealing the “secret competition”
In a competitive environment, there are many powerful but invisible forces, acting on you in different ways.

We will reveal how the secret competition works on our mind and set ourselves to become strong players in this game.

Session 2 - The Team

In this session everything is about your mental preparation and your mental strength! Success or failure is not only decided in the arena. The most important ride is probably the night before the show. In many other sports, the athletes prepare for the competition alone with their trainer. We riders are challenged with a public audience, even in preparation. Everyone can watch our final and so important training. A situation that can put us under a lot of pressure, as you know! A key point to success is to make the right decisions even under this enormous pressure and to prepare optimally! 

Session 3 - Show Time

Every competitive rider is aware of particular “break points” that make or break a run.
However, during show-time everything goes so fast that riders ́ actions are almost automatic and outside of conscious control.


The 3-point technique – sports automatic action:
The mental-technical technique that helps riders overcome their break point and show their horses to their peak.
Set the best game-plan for you and your horse.